OGG is a beat maker based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Founder and community manager of Art of Sampling, the largest online sampling community. All my music is available to stream and download for free. Want to use one of my beats for a song, video or something else? Contact me and we'll discuss the possibilities.


Beats & Treats (2012)

Jazz Bites (2016)


Art of Sampling is an online sampling community devoted to beat makers, crate diggers and sampling enthusiasts. It started in early 2012 as a Facebook group and quickly became a lively community where beat makers find inspiration, give and recieve feedback and participate in weekly beat battles. Currently, the Art of Sampling Facebook group has more than 17.000 members. We also branched out to other social media: listen to the winners of our beat battle on SoundCloud, watch our tutorials on Youtube and follow us on Twitter to stay updated.